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All document related
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About Profidis

Profidis has been working in the Canadian market for more than 10 years and during this period has managed to establish itself as a company that can solve almost any issues related to your documents. Thousands of people who have gone through our company during this period and were satisfied with the level of quality will be able to confirm this to you.

The company is headquartered in Montreal, but we provide our services throughout Canada. In exceptional cases, our clients can use the services of the company Profidis and abroad. We have the necessary knowledge and experience to solve most of your questions.


The most popular service of our company is the implementation of written and oral translations. Regardless of whether you need to translate documents for immigration to Canada, for compar-ative assessment of diplomas or for other purposes, we are always ready to come to your aid and provide the necessary certified translations as soon as possible.

Profidis also provides comprehensive linguistic services that can be used along with notariza-tion of documents and their subsequent legalization.

Our experience includes translations of tens of thousands of pages of technical, medical, artis-tic, business and all kinds of other texts. We also provide interpretation services on any subjects in courts, at business meetings and conferences.

Among our clients you can meet many businessmen, government officials of Canada and repre-sentatives from other countries


Legalization is a complex process, replacing an apostille process made in the member countries of the Hague Convention of 1961, has the form of a stamp, which is placed on the original doc-ument by the consulate of the country of interest.

Profidis provides legalization services. But why do you need such services?

For example, you will need this service if you decide to move from Canada to another country for work or school, make a power of attorney for your relatives abroad, get a second citizenship for a child born in Canada or discover documents being outside of Canada.

Why should you apply with us for this service?

Because the legalization process itself can involve from two to four stages, which must be car-ried out in the right sequence, otherwise you will lose a lot of time and money.

By entrusting the legalization of documents to our company, you can be assured that everything will be done correctly and you will not have to run around the offices of notaries, translators, employees of consulates and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada (JLAC) in Ottawa. We will do everything necessary in the shortest possible time and you will only have to use properly prepared documents.

Work and Study permits

Do you want to live in Canada and are looking for the fastest way to come? Through cooperation with an immigration consultant (Iryna Smirnova, RCIC # 530789), Profidis acting as an agent, is offering its customers a unique opportunity to communicate directly with a professional who is able to assist in moving to Canada by obtaining permits to study or work in the country of your dreams.

The current migration policy of Canada is very favorable to the increase in number of foreign students in the country and their further integration. Therefore, if you meet all the necessary criteria (knowledge of the language and the availability of the necessary amounts of money), it is not difficult to become a happy holder of a Canadian student visa. But like in any process, the way to obtain it is associated with some nuances.

Study permit is a complex service that includes the selection of a correct curriculum and an ac-credited educational institution, receiving a letter of enrollment, preparation and submission of documents for a student visa. The latter, by the way, may consist of many stages and depends on each specific situation. In this regard, we recommend starting work with our immigration consultant on a student visa for 6-8 months before the planned start of study, so that you can get your study permit without too much haste.

If you are not interested in studying, and would like to work in Canada as a foreign worker, then our immigration consultant will also be happy to assist you in obtaining a work permit in Canada. Regardless of whether you have an employer or you want to take advantage of available vacancies, our immigration consultant will help you to complete all the necessary formalities for obtaining the necessary permit.

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Do you want to get a visitor visa to Canada for yourself, relatives or friends? You do not know where to start, and this process seems to you to be too difficult and requiring a lot of time?

Most often, obtaining a visitor visa is associated with the applicant’s compliance with the following criteria:

* Possession of a passport for travels abroad valid for at least 6 months after the return;
* Absence of deportations, convictions, involvements in criminal activities;
* Possession of evidence that the applicant, after a trip, will definitely return home and will not remain in the country illegally;
* Possession of proofs of financial stability in order to realize the desired trip.

Applying for a visa is done online, but to obtain the visa itself, the applicant should consider a visit of the visa center to provide biometrical data, if needed, and to send a passport to the consulate for obtaining a visa in it.

If you want to minimize troubles while obtaining a visa, contact the immigration consultant with whom Profidis cooperates (Iryna Smirnova, RCIC # 530789). You will only need to provide the necessary documents, follow the instructions of our immigration consultant, and obtaining a tourist visa will be a simple formality for you!


There are situations in which you may need to discover a particular document in Canada or out-side it, not being in the country where the document should be discovered. Such a document may be a police certificate, any of the civil status documents or title documents of the company needed to open a banking account of this company abroad.

If you do it yourself, at best you can get the discovered document in a month, but discovering of some documents can be even longer. And to these terms you need to add the terms for authenti-cation of documents at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (JLAC) of Canada, their legalization at the consulate of the country you need, and the mailing of documents.

Profidis will help you to speed up this procedure as much as possible so that you can receive the discovered document in 1-2 weeks with all the necessary stamps. This will be possible for you due to the fact that this service will be provided to you in conjunction with other services of our company, including notarization, certified translations, legalization.

In addition, our company also provides services related to the obtaining of Canadian citizenship or a second citizenship for your children.

To use the service you are interested in, you just need to contact us!

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